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[joke heaven]--> robot slapping machine

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[joke heaven]--> robot slapping machine

Post by bumi dragon lord on Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:02 pm

A dad bought a robot back home that day which will give a tight slap to
the person whenever the robot detects a lie. So when his son came back
late from school one day, the father decided to put the robot to test
and question his son. "Son, how come you came back from school so late?
Where did you go?" Son replied, "Oh daddy, i went to extra classes,
thats why i am late." Immediately the robot gave the son a tight slap.
*SMAAAACCCKKK* Son screamed, "Ouch! What's that!?" Dad smiled, "That is
a lie detector robot! It will give a tight slap to the person who lie.
So, son! Where have you been!? Tell me the truth!" Son replied "Oh,
okay. I went to watch movie after school." Dad asked, "What movie did
you went to watch!? Good movie or bad movie?" Son replied,"Of course
good movie i'm just a highschool kid, i can't enter and watch a PG
rated movie." Immediately the robot gave another tight slap to the boy.
*SMAAAACCCKKK* Son screamed," Okay! Okay! I went and sneak in to watch
a skin flick movie with my friends" Dad replied,"I am so disappointed
with you! Did you know when i was young, i didn't do all this nonsense.
We were all brought up well and not like you kids nowadays, doing all
this nonsense stuff!" Immediately the robot gave dad a tight slap!
*SMAAAACCCKKK* Son burst into tears and was laughing his @$$ off and
said,"Dad, you are just the same when you were young as well, don't
need to lecture me." Dad was angry and he went and gave his son a
beating. Mom was hearing all the commotion while she was behind the
kitchen and came to them. Seeing her husband beating up their son, mum
went and shouted,"Stop it right now!!! Why are you beating our son!!!"

Immediately the robot gave mum a tight slap! *SMAAAACCCKKK*
bumi dragon lord

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