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How's ur relationship wif people in UNIMAS???

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Important Rules ( Updated 1/8/08)

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Important Rules ( Updated 1/8/08) Empty Important Rules ( Updated 1/8/08)

Post by UKTeams on Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:36 pm

The rules here are simple.
Guidelines of trading:
1) For any trades that users want to make, you have to notify
administration through private message (pm) so that any trades can be done

2) Consumers will be focused within UNIMAS student, staffs
and within Kota Samarahan residents and providers only. Other consumer or
trader from apart of the place that has been mention is welcome too!

3) The forum will not responsible for any earns and lost in
individuals trading.

4) Trading can be made best in term of Cash on Deliver (COD).

5) For those who want to sell off their goodies, the user has
to put on [WTS], want to sell, So people know what it is all about. As for
[WTB], want to buy, is required to include as well.

6) Illegal trading like drug trafficking will be closed down
the slots and reported to authority.

7) BEWARE: any transaction that made will not be responsible
by uni-kopitiam.tk

8 ) For any advertisements that are requested, advertisers will
have to inform administration two weeks earlier for further preparation. First
come first serve.

9) For those whose item has been sold out must have the word
of [SOLD] in category text so that webmaster can recycle the space for other

10) Any trade description for TITLE is not more than 15 words

11) Trade zone will be supervised by moderator to protect the
rights of user.

12) Assignment trading is not allowed due to it¡¯s against our
policy. But assignment discussion is allowed in academy section.

For further information, users can send request or comment
to this email address: unikopitiam@gmail.com


The forum was created to prepare students for upgrading and
equipping purposes, extend their relationship networking and get to know the
event for ¡®today¡¯ around them in better way. This great alternative was given
to make their life style to grow better and a lot of activities will help them
out. The forum concern about their life style and hope that every event in
UNIMAS can be circulated in short period of time. Lecturers are welcome to join
in for concerning of their students¡¯ academy purposes. With forum, webmaster
and moderators are hoping that students in UNIMAS will live ahead of their life
for now and for future.

Webmaster In the forum has moderators to supervise through
out the activities from time to time to protect the rights of other users.
Right of students will always be protected and if there is any inconvenient
event took place, webmaster and moderator will take strict action against the

Rules will be update. Please do always refer to this annoucement.
Happy trading.

feel free to tell your friends to come and join us.
A forum which exists for students.

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